Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Black Cow loves Sunbursts, too!

My favorite cow is not a dairy or beef cow.  She is my pet cow who loves tomatoes!  I named her the original name of "Black Cow" when she was just a calf about 16 years ago.  She's not exactly black anymore.  Through the years, the sun has naturally reddened her.  She's more of an auburn cow now.

She's extremely intelligent.  When I call out for her, "Black Cow, I've got tomatoes", she will hustle over to the fence, pushing all the other cows out of the way, to be hand-fed tomatoes.  She'll even sprint clear across the pasture when she hears my voice calling to her.

While feeding her today, she dropped one of her treats in the water trough and pushed it around, much like bobbing for apples.  The tomato sunk to the bottom, so she looked for me to retrieve it.  I stuck my arm in clean up to my pits and got her tomato.  Smart, huh?!?   Not me.......HER!

A fact that most of you may not know about cows is how clean they are.  They will not do any eating of anything near or in manure, so I'm careful when pouring out tomatoes (to all of Black Cow's family and friends) not to get any in the poop.  Black Cow doesn't care to eat tomatoes from the ground at all, she prefers to be fed by hand.

I could go on about how Black Cow and the others have their own tomato garden growing throughout the pasture, but I don't think most of you would believe that one. They've actually pooped so many tomato seeds that tomato plants are scattered across about 8 acres of pasture land.

If you come to shop at our little self-service store and want to see the cows, take a look out that back window.  On a good day, the cows may already be looking in the window at you. 

Sweet face!

In case you're wondering, cow tongue feels like sandpaper!

Chewing while smiling